Updated: May 12

There’s something about her

That she does not know yet

Her unrealized identity

Causes her to fret

When people act weird around her

They reject her immediately

They shut her out

They question her purity

Then she begins to doubt


Her truth

Her beauty

She has no clue

The unseen is even more real than the seen

The seen reacts to the unseen

Light can not mix with darkness

Light irritates what is hidden

Light is Love

Light is Joy

Light is Peace

Light causes noise

Light cause things to shift

Light causes manifestations

Light shakes up foundations

The wrestle is not against flesh and blood

It’s not something you fight carnally

It’s in stillness and the Word of God

That you will be made new

Your mind renewed, finally

Your identity establish

Love and Light is your Portion

Everything else is a distortion

Be led

For you are a son

Do not let the doubts and lies in others

Cause confusion

The Truth sets you free

He is the Truth

Because He’s in you

Liberty is yours, indeed.

photocred: IG: @gailsemple

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