Updated: Oct 18, 2019

12:51 am - done.

Join me on my self-discovery journey. Fully transparent, you see the good the bad and the ugly, the beauty in all the mess. Not perfect in myself but in Him. You're not alone.

Couldn't tell if I was coming or going All of a sudden, I saw things He was showing.... me I went from bondage to liberty His Spirit became alive in me...

He opened my eyes

I became alive

In just the split of a second

He renewed my mind

it was all weird at first

couldn't tell if I was coming or going

all of a sudden I saw things He was showing... me

I went from bondage to liberty

His Spirit became alive in me

I was on my knees one night

tired, scared, ashamed, insane

I repented and said: "if this is for your glory, Lord, I'll go though it."

I was changed for eternity

Everyone thought I was going crazy

But none of their thoughts mattered

I found something I couldn't explain

and as each person dropped off my friends list

my Father blessed me with new friends, a spiritual family

no longer was I weird, or acted like I was better than anyone

This time, I was like the people around me

There was nothing wrong about loving God,

wanting to live Holy

Living a consecrated life was normal now

The truth is,

no one asks for this unveiling

when Abba Father is ready,

Daughter, Son, there's more to me

Seek and ye shall find

ask and you shall receive

knock, and the door will be opened...

But you don't do this willingly

You surrender your life and all of a sudden

He will open your eyes and let you see...

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