2020- Prophetic Poem

“The time has come

ARISE! and Go!

To the top of the mountain,

the mountain of overflow.

Receive dear one,

for you have endured.

A decade of trails and tribulations,

has now opened doors.

For you have stood,

and did not fail me.

You grew tall,

and you did not wither.

The time has come

and mature are you,

Get ready to experience

blessings #outoftheblue!


#MEGA it will be

#Clarity from #North and #South

Clarity from #West and #East

YOU chosen one

have made it.

I’ve called you to #influence

those I’ve handpicked.

The harvest in ready,

I need you to GO!


release and let me #flow...

through you.

No more fear.

No more religion.

No more wondering,

if you’re really one of my children.

Bloom, sweet one.

Im ready to show you off.

I’ll be right here,

to catch you before you fall.

Im singing over you,

rejoicing as I dance.

I love you my child,

#TAKEOVER the land!”

Thus saith the LORD of hosts.

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