A beautiful heart

Broken in two

Two broken in three

Broken til you can no longer see

Its original form.

Used and abused.

Stomped on,

Now confused

Of it's identity.

It doesn't look the same.

Not the way it was created.

It doesn't beat the same.

Now it's mistaken...

For trash.


But I know someone who takes broken things and calls it treasure.

I know someone who can form something out of nothing.

I know someone who can take what was impossible and create a miracle.


Love like you've never seen.

Love so gentle, love so clean.

Pure. Fresh. Kind. Patient.

Love that's consistent.

Love that doesn't change.

Love that doesn't confuse.

Love that doesn't abuse.

The opposite of what the world gives.

Love with no strings.

Love with no conditions.

Love in a new dimension.

Overwhelming Love.

Love that would die for you.

Love that would look you in the eye and undress you.

Love that causes you to be free.

Love that will drop you to your knees.

Love that causes you to surrender.

A Love so tender.

A Love so intentional.

A Love that saves.

A Love always there.

A Love that has a name.


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