Afraid to believe

Afraid to perceive

That this could really be.

Afraid of myself

Afraid to hope

Afraid to know

What I believe You're showing... me.

Afraid to open up

Afraid to be led

Afraid to dream

Afraid to see what You said.

Afraid to be afraid

Afraid to stop my own destiny

Afraid to get in Your way

Afraid to rob myself of glee.

Afraid that I'm worth it

Afraid I'll be too vain

Afraid to accept

That love isn't an insane

Idea for me outside of us...


But I wont let it stop me

I'll receive.

I'll believe.

I'll perceive.

I won't leave.

I won't run.

I won't hide from...

The big bright sun...

From Your promise...

From Your covenant.

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