I’m weak.

I’m weak and I’m boasting.

I’m weak and I’m boasting and I’m glad.

I’m weak and I’m boasting and I’m glad, because...

You see so much in me.

And the Truth, IS.

The Truth is

He is in me.

That’s what you see.

See, me,

I’m nothing.

I’m just a shell for The Most High King

Who has made His home within.

To bring YOU joy, peace, love and more.

To bring you clarity, comfort and abundance galore.

These hands heal because of His power.

These words pierce because of His power.

This smile brightens a day because of His power...

I’m boasting.

I’m boasting in my weakness.

I’m boasting in my weakness and on my King.

My Savior, within.

My Master, who you see in me.

You wonder how and all you have to do is believe.

Believe in His name.

Believe He came to save.

A wretch like you, like me.

Release and receive;

The Greater One in thee.

Then, boast.

1 Cor 1:31

2 Cor 11:30

*transcribed 04/27/2020 @ 5:46pm*

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