-Identity- Christ In Me-


I recognize I’m coming into the fullness of whose I AM.

Though this journey has caused so much confusion,

It’s drawn me closer to You and I accept that I have had a blood transfusion!

As I accept to believe that Your DNA is truly in me,

Little by little the revelation is no longer concealed.

Greater is He that is in me and by Your Holy Spirit I have been sealed.

Lions don’t give birth to bears,

And birds don’t give birth to fish,

You’ve set a table before me with the TRUTH on my dish!

Parables and signs, this is all real

The conclusion isn’t an illusion,

I’m beginning to understand the allusion.

I’ve been born again and I’m now Your child,

The life I once lived, I’m dead to now.

And... alive in You.





You are my defense.

This is all very suspense-ful.

It messes with my mental.

When I try to understand.

But I take my hands off,

You can have this land.

This territory belongs to You now.

You are Lord and I don’t want to understand how.

Just do it.

You are faithful to perform.

What you began you’ll finish.

This is the perfect storm.

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