In the Secret Place

“You are a treasure chest and I have locked great things within you.

You gain The keys in My presence through My Word and encounters with Me.

These keys unlock you and then you will find that there are more treasure chests within you.

So, I need more time with you, I want to give

you more keys.

There’s more.

Spend time with Me.

Dream again, dreamer.

See again, seer.

For I have given you gifts and have hidden them deep within you.

Let yourself imagine and speak what you see.

Write what you hear, and if you have to, do it scared.

Pride comes before the fall.

But I have come and have given you the secret to this all.

Abide in me, let me abide in you.

Rest assured, relinquish your will

I’ll do what I say, I’m God, be still.”

-Not by might, not by power, but by His Spirit

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