Just when I thought I got "there,"

I realize I truly did not

I'm being peeled away

And this process is not

What I thought it'd be like.

Less of me and more of You I say...

Forgetting that that means "strip me away"

Change me from who I was to who I AM.

Strip me from all that's wrong and cause me to sing a new song.

Cause me to sing a new praise.

Shine light on the dark things.

I pray for You to create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me.

I say refine me for your glory

And then constantly I ask, why like this?

Strip me...

Now I'm naked

Afraid to be seen

Afraid to be rejected

Hide me

Cover me

I want to run away

but at the same time

I don't want to stay

The same.

I'm exposed

And insecurity is what shows

Fear has reared it's ugly head

Rejection is teasing me

I'm trying not receive what he says...

"You’re doing too much

Look how you've messed up

What a fool

They don't want you

They don't like you

They are using you

You're not like them

They don't even see you for you

BUT! What can you do?

What can you give?

You have so much to offer!

Just keep your mouth shut and do it...

Wait til they turn their backs on you."




Fear has to manifest to go!

Rejection has to manifest to go!

I'd rather this now than later.

I'd rather you clean me up.

You love me just the way that I am.

You promised to fill my cup.

You are the Living Water.

The well that never runs dry.

Even when I walk through the darkness,

You're the light that will draw me nigh...

Unto You.

Your grace is sufficient.

You're molding me to be efficient.

You're causing me to be free.

I acknowledge that greater is He that is in me.

You're causing me to lean not on my own understanding.

You're directing my path...

Lord, YOU ARE the Way.

I wont run from You.

I wont hide.

Take me as I am.

I'll swallow my pride.

I surrender in Your presence.

I trust You will heal me.

I trust You will clean up these wounds.

I trust You will complete me.

Thank You for grace.

Thank You for grace.

Thank You for faith.

I have faith. Transcribed on 01/30/2029

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