My Testimony Pt. 1

He knew me from before I was in my

mothers womb

He knew at conception I’d be a twin, too

He knew that at three months into the pregnancy,

The anger in my mom would cause my twin to leave me

He knew at that point anxiety entered in

He knew I’d be born into sin

He knew I’d be two when my dad left

He knew I’d be seven or eight when I would be introduced to sex

He knew from that point forward

I would be stalked

by spirits that would keep me locked

in a world full of alcohol, sex, money, drugs, and lust

He knew one day I’d say yes to Him while my heart turned to rust

He knew that then, the enemy would deceive me even more

to believe that religion would get me “in” the door

Slaving at church, to show myself approved,

then go home to open and finish a bottle of merlot that went down smooth

Roll up a blunt and be on cloud nine

Pull up pornhub, only to finish and convince myself of a lie

Get up and walk away like it ever happened

Hiding from myself while on this hard heart, He was still tapping

This went on for years because

I didn’t know Him

I didn’t read my Bible

I didn’t seek

There was nothing for me to find

Until one day I realized, my life was already outlined

He chose me in Him from the foundations of the world

To be Holy and Blameless And Righteous in His eyes

He knew one day I would rise

By His strength He pulled me out of the pits of hell

That was one of the most painful but rewarding nights that caused me to be free and have this story to tell

I repented, apologized and believed

That one day the pain would be relieved

One day He would get the glory

One day I would tell this story

That anxiety, anger, depression and deception

would be the conception

of this Artist




All those titles have a really nice ring

But the greatest title of all is that

I am a daughter of the Most High King

He who knew no sin became sin

So that one day I could live to testify that He truly is King of kings

He truly is Lord of lords

The Lion of Judah

He‘s got the loudest roar

My transformation is in Jesus

It’s in Him I live and I move and I have my being

My name is Dioveris Lopez, I’m twenty-nine years old and it must be understood this life I won’t be leaving

Until the nations know

I was called to give Truth, speak Truth and declare His name

No one came before Him

No one comes after Him

Jesus Christ reigns!

Rose of Sharon

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