Protection in the Promise

Stay, Stay

Remain in the secret place

there, under the Consuming Fire,

is where you find refuge.

There, is your shelter,

There, is your protection...

Fear, worry, destruction,

cannot fester.

Every snare

Every pestilence

Every wanna-be roaring lion

shall not harm thee.

Under My wings, you shall rest

In My Truth, you will nest.


I will feed you, I will

Care for you, I will

Teach you, I will

Bare all for you, I will

No terror,

No arrow,

No darkness,

Nothing can harm you

You are protected.

Surrounded by an army.

Fire shall not burn you.

You will see

that all enemies will flee,


You have P O W E R.

I have given you Authority.

Because you call on Me,

because you trust Me,

I will not leave you.

I will rescue you.

I will raise you up.

You will live.

You will fulfill,

All that I said you would.

Long life, be still.

.transcribed 11/7/19.

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