Victorious Awakening

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

A #sacrifice unknown

A call not understood

A cry from the depths of a mother and fathers' soul

To #awaken the saints from out their manhole.

The cry of a mother and father, separated from their daughter.

The sound is like the silence when, the Son was separated from the Father.

"Why have you forsaken me?"

"My son, My daughter, cant you see? It's bigger than you."

" This was out of the blue! Not my will but yours, Lord."

"Remember, we are like a three strand cord."

#Comfort, #peace, #guidance, it's Me.

There's nothing you're going through

That I cannot relate to.

I promised I would never leave you.

I promise victory is yours, too.


I needed my people to see

None of this was about you,

it's all about Me.

These are the #lastdays, and I needed a sacrifice

I knew you could handle it, and I knew my love for you would suffice.

My #body has been sick, asleep and slumbering.

My declaration is: Let there be no more fumbling.

I needed people to discern!

The light has come!

One sweet girl,

Exemplified the Son.

Nothing is new under the Sun

There isn't much time left, no longer can you run.

Awake! Awake!

put on thy strength, O, Zion!

No more sack cloth and ashes,

Put on thy beautiful garments!

Prepare the way with prayer, dancing and songs to your God.

Say, Yes! Even if you have to do it with tears and a simple head nod.

The Kingdom is at hand

The King of kings is soon to come

and He's ready to make His grand entrance.

Be careful not to grow numb

Don't be consumed

I want to commune

I am the bride groom,

You are my bride...

Let me in

Don't be distract by what you can see,

This is all temporary.

Believe again,

Faith is what pleases me.

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