When I See Your Face

I’m kissed by your sweet grace

The foundation I’ve built my life on

Will now reveal Himself in this place

I can imagine the day

The splendor and wonder and majestic thunder

The peace and joy and colorful noise

I see myself spinning upward

Being transformed

Eyes wide open

As I experience an unexplainable moment

It’s like I’m underwater

Being pushed to the top

I can see the light

And thats why I won’t stop

I have enough breath to breathe til I get there

Oh, the beauty

The journey was worth it

Soon enough

I’ll be washed clean

Going through the darkness and Im attaining the Truth, “I’m free!”


How it looks above the waters

An island


With plenty fruit

I see a group Of people

Clapping and cheering

The bride to meet her bridgegroom in His suit

The day I see His face is here

I smell clean air and the wind is warm

The sun hitting just the right places

It’s not too hot

It’s not scorching

It’s perfect

It’s Him!


*transcribed at 4:52am 04/03/2020*

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