What is Sit and Paint?

Sit and Paint & Worship God, is a worship event facilitated by Dioveris Lopez, who was inspired by a vision God gave her. This is a Christ-Centered spinoff of the nationally known concept “Sip and Paint” and has sparked the interest of many. This class is open to believers and non-believers of all creative levels and backgrounds. Instruction on how to paint or what to paint will not be provided. The purpose of this class is to empower people to make a decision. This is a time to worship and cultivate their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ; to trust Him in a moment of letting go and hearing His voice as well as to receive freedom in creating their own Masterpiece.

Prov 22:29, Genesis 1:27, Exodus 35:35, 1Tim 4:14

"After attending a few sit and paint classes I’m convinced I’ve entered a new level of freedom. Definitely a great place for beginners, I think everyone and anyone can be a part of this as long as your heart is open. Dio does a great job of guiding you through the process and creating a place where the presence of God can flow freely through creativity. Family friendly and fun! Maybe bring a box a tissues because the Lord will speak to you in the process! Thank you Dio for always leaving room for the Holy Spirit and waging war before each class!" -A.A.




"My sit and paint experience was nothing less than a true encounter with God and my soul. In life we don’t realize how busy we are and how much we are carrying until we are forced to sit and be still. The atmosphere was so peaceful and so serene that it made it easy for me to be in tune with God and my inner man. As I began to paint ,I could hear God speaking to me about where I was in life and where he was taking me. I learned a lot about myself and I experienced a freedom that I will never forget.
Not in a million years did I think me painting would bring me so much revelation but it did! Dio allows the space to be orchestrated by God, her hands are anointed, and her heart to see people free is pure." -B.W.

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